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Is it Healthy to Replace a Meal with Just a Shake

Meal replacement shakes are everywhere nowadays, on billboards, in magazines, in newspapers. Some of them have low calories that may help you lose weight and some are aimed at helping you gain weight.

They may save your time in the kitchen. But, is it healthy to replace a meal with just a shake?

What is meal replacement shake?

What is meal replacement shake?

The meal replacement shakes are pretty much what they claim as they are alternative to your meal may it be the breakfast, lunch or dinner.

They are filled with assorted levels of calories, vitamins, minerals and macronutrients including fats, carbohydrates and protein. Some may have fiber in large measures than others and some are bespoken according to individual needs.

A few comes in cans and bottles whilst various come in powder form that can be added to water or milk. Most of the shakes contain 200-400 calories that includes a good amount of carbohydrate, fats, protein and essential vitamins and minerals. So they are a healthy and convenient replacement for a full meal with low calories.

They are choicest diet for those who are mostly on the go and have less time to spend on preparing a balanced and nutritious meal. They are, of course, a pick for those who are trying to lose weight.

How can meal replacement shake help you?

How can meal replacement shake help you?

The meal replacement shakes are aimed to help individual to lower calorie intake. They are formulated for those who don't want to reason much about what they are eating, those who just need to grab and go.

The meal replacements are good for those who had recent surgery or for those who want to lose weight on advice of their doctor for an upcoming surgery.

When the calorie intake and calorie burnt are disproportionate weight gain is the end result. The meal replacements solve the equation of calories.

The reduction in calories should not mean reduction in nutrition. Most of the meal replacement shakes are designed considering all the nutritional requirements needed by a normal healthy person. They are rich in fiber, carbs, protein, essential minerals and vitamins.

According to Current Nutrition and Food Science, replacing one or two meals a day with meal replacer shake can accelerate the weight loss process.

Are there any negative side of meal replacement shakes?

While there are several advantages of meal replacement shakes, there are some minuses too. Those who miss real food can't stick to meal replacements for a long duration of time.

There are people who are lactose intolerant. They can't add milk to shakes, which makes it a complete diet. The other drawback of meal replacement shake is it is not a long-term solution. Healthy eating habits can't be taught with the help of meal replacements.

Is it healthy to replace a meal with just a shake?

Is it healthy to replace a meal with just a shake?

There are several pros and cons of having a meal replaced by meal replacement shake, which makes it crafty to affirm or reject the fact that meal replacement shakes are healthy. The experts suggest one should know where to draw the line.

Those who are looking forward to losing weight without keeping a count on daily calories, meal replacement shakes are a great solution.

They can be a best substitute for unhealthy snacks, which people tend to have while on the go. If the meal replacement shake is satiating then only it will serve the purpose for a long duration.

There may be products that may be filled with synthetic nutrients to mislead you. This, however, is not true with every brand available in the market. There are reliable ones, which can be fully relied upon.

Bottom Line

If you are contemplating on having a meal replacement shake, opt for one that's high in nutrition and low in calories and sugar.

The calorie intake may vary for each individual depending upon their gender, age, physical activities and metabolism.

The meal replacement shakes are convenient and may help lose weight as they have less calories. As we know reducing the calorie intake is the secret to losing weight.

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