Slim 24 Pro - Meal Replacement Shake for Healthy Weight Management

Slim 24 Pro is a meal replacement formula with whey protein, the safest form of amino acid, casein & other vital nutrients that assist in weight loss naturally. Now, see a healthier and leaner you with Slim 24 Pro.

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Why is weight loss important for a healthy life?

Before you aim for weight loss, it's relevant to know the value of losing weight.

Studies reveal that just a 5% to 10% weight loss affects your health positively, so you don't have to lose tons of weight to enjoy physical benefits of weight loss, just a few pounds will do wonders.

The innumerable benefits that you gain from weight loss will motivate you to accept the challenge.


Reduced risk of diabetes

Reduced risk of diabetes

Lower risk of heart disease

Lower risk of heart disease

Lower risk of stroke

Lower risk of stroke

Improved Blood Sugar

Improved Blood Sugar

Improved cholesterol

Improved cholesterol

Lower joint aches

Lower joint aches

Improved sleep with reduced sleep apnea

Improved sleep with reduced sleep apnea

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How Slim24 Pro helps lose weight and Why It's the best food/meal replacement?

Slim24 Pro is a low calorie meal replacement shake with whey protein, casein protein and a blend of various vital nutrients. Low calorie content in this formula reduces the calorie intake per meal, building a calorie gap in the body, which in turn activates the weight loss process.

This weight loss shake revives energy, enhances immune system, contains rich vitamins and is high in antioxidants.

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How Slim 24 Pro Replaces Your Complete Meal And Fulfills Your Daily Nutritional Needs?

Every Individual Has Different Nutritional Requirements Based On Their Gender, Height, Fitness Goals, And Over
All Health. This Shake Is Formula Tedas Per These Daily Nutritional Needs.

It Contains Vital Nutrients Such As Minerals, Potassium, And Antioxidantin Addition To Whey Protein And Casein That Helps The Body To Absorb Nutrients From Your Food More Efficiently.

It also has all the major vitamins such as vitamin K and D3, minerals, fatty acids and the requisite fiber needed to support a healthy body.

How Slim24 pro Replaces Your Complete Meal and Fulfills Your Daily Nutritional Needs?

How To Use Slim 24 Pro Meal Replacement Drink

Mix 2 scoops of Slim Pro in a glass of water, juice, low fat milk or curd. Take this shake preferably at night replacing it with your dinner.



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Customer Testimonial & Product Review


Based on 14,330 Reviews

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  • Manual Jones Verified

    I've tried few other brand's meal replacement shakes, but Slim24 Pro is way better than others. It feels like I'm having a normal shake. I found that it helps keep my hunger under control. I usually consume it for breakfast to keep my protein intake in check and it keeps me full for at least 5-6 hours. Reduces my unnecessary cravings too.

  • Girish Kumar Verified

    I work out at gym since a long time and was searching protein intake foods like meal shakes. One day unexpectedly I found this amazing product and ordered it. Now I use to drink Slim24 Pro daily. It's worth!! I have already suggested it to my gym-buddies.

  • Manabir Khan

    It does work. I have lost 2 kgs since a month of usage now. I have this in place of my breakfast. I've also cut down on sweets and junk food to aid the process. Also try to exercise for about 20 mins a day. Still continuing …

  • Sanchita Sarkar Verified

    It is a part of my daily breakfast routine now. The best part is that I'm noticing changes in my weight with short time… definitely recommend this.

  • Santosh Kumar Rai Verified

    It is an effective product. It definitely replaces your meal. I have it in my lunch and this gives me enough energy to keep me going all day long. It doesn't have any preservatives and harmful chemicals. Must go for it!

  • Vishal Gowda Verified

    I have tried meal replacement once long back, and now wanted to start with a meal replacement again. So, I found Slim24 Pro and thought to give it a try. Received the pack intact. Thought of trying it out for breakfast first. Tried with half glass toned milk n ice cubes as I like it cold. I was surprised to see the consistency. Thick and creamy … taste is also good, though sugar is very low. Will gradually reduce the milk quantity and replace it with dinner or lunch in the coming days. As this was my first day can't say of how good it works. But I will try this pack and see the difference and will update you all on the same.

  • Pukhraj Shreshta Verified

    I have decided to replace it with my evening coffee. It seems a healthy addition to my daily diet and it is completely vegan and made of natural ingredients that makes me trust the quality of ingredients.

  • Charith Sai

    The order was delivered on time, though I had apprehension on the genuineness, but checked and verified. Perfectly delivered on time.

  • Mallikarjun Rana

    It's a good meal replacer. Keep the stomach full, so I don't have an urge to eat. Taste is also acceptable considering the benefits. Along with Slim24 Pro, I do exercise and have started noticing loss in weight.

  • Netai Mondal Verified

    Energy provider… feels full… no need to have anything for long hours after one full glass of meal replacement shake.

  • Harishankar P Verified

    I recently tried Slim24 Pro Meal Replacement Shake and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The shake has a rich and creamy texture and is delicious. It's a perfect post-workout drink as it provides a good amount of protein to help recover and repair muscles. It's also a great option for those on the go as it's quick and easy to prepare. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a tasty and nutritious meal.

  • Milind Ahuja Verified

    Can't say much because I haven't used it for long. Will give review once I see any change.

  • S. Ram Chandra

    I replaced my dinner with a glass of meal replacement shake… it keeps me full and feel lighter at the same time. It also takes care of my protein intake for the day.

  • Shrirang Pawar Verified

    My father is bedridden due to stroke post-surgery. Despite being bedridden for last 6 months, he has not gone weak only because of this meal replacement. The product when used had no issues regarding digestion or any negative change in his diabetes status.

  • Pooja Rajput

    Works amazing. Lost 1 kg in a week. Taste is awesome. Swap one meal with this and avoid junk and you will see result fast.

  • Sandeep Singh Verified

    This meal replacement shake is amazing. This has natural ingredients to help easily lose weight... It controls hunger pangs. Loved it.

  • Chetan Patil

    Excellent product…value for money. I feel some more flavours should have been there to opt for.

  • Mithilesh Kumar Verified

    Good…loved the consistency. Just started using it. Hope it works as claimed by the product.


Anyone above the age of 15 can consume Slim Pro health nutrition.

Pregnant and lactating women can also take Slim Pro without skipping meals. It is never advisable for pregnant women to go on a diet.

Ideally an overweight person can reduce 7-9 kg or more depending upon the weight and body structure.

If consumed as prescribed one can see effective results in 15 days.
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